Blue Ox Vodka is carefully crafted from Iowa-grown grains, then quadruple-distilled for maximum purity. The end result: A clean, no-nonsense finish that’s as smooth as the swing of an ax.


The complex flavors of Blue Ox Gin are the result of a careful balancing act: a robust base made from Iowa-grown corn mixed with juniper and other natural botanicals like coriander and citrus peel. Now you know why this layered spirit has such Bunyan-sized attitude.


A silver rum base heavily infused with our proprietary blend of vanilla, allspice, cinnamon and other secret spices, Blue Ox Spiced Rum is just like our favorite folktales: Legendary.


Flavored with a heavy hand of cinnamon, this smoldering blend of spices and corn mash made from Iowan crops will put embers in the belly of even the most seasoned lumberjack.


Blue Ox Silver Rum combines our hearty Midwestern style with the bright, tropical-inspired flavors of rum. Whether sipped alone or used to infuse a cocktail with lightly sweet undertones, this spirit always pulls its weight.


Even before it hits the bottle, Blue Ox American Spirit Whiskey has led a full, rich life—just like your favorite flannel-wearing folk figure. Aging in a natural oak barrel for two years gives this whiskey rugged flavor with a smooth texture.